The most common chosen specialties are Boat, Wreck, and Drift.  These are the easiest, most practical, and least expensive specialties to complete but here is the full list of specialties that Advanced students may choose from:

  • Deep Diver (Required)
  • Underwater Navigator (Required)
  • Wreck Diver
  • Boat Diver
  • Drift Diver
  • AWARE - Fish Identification
  • Peak Performance Buoyancy
  • Multilevel Diver

Divers can become Advanced Open Water certified in as little as 2 days and may begin advanced training immediately after completing Open Water training in Fort Lauderdale.

The two required dives for Advanced certification are Deep and Navigation.  The student diver will choose the remaining 3 specialty dives that interest him/ her the most.

  • Padi Advanced Open Water
  • 2 Boat Charters
  • (Most Popular)
  • 2 Charters
  • Day 1 Boat, Wreck, Drift
  • Day 2 Deep, Navigation
  • Padi Advanced Open Water
  • Night Diver
  • 3 Boat Charters
  • Day 1 Wreck, Drift
  • Day 2 Deep, Navigation
  • Day 2 or 3 PM Night Dive
  • Padi Advanced Open Water
  • Private
  • 2 Charters
  • Day 1 Boat, Wreck, Drift
  • Day 2 Deep, Navigation
  • Padi Advanced Open Water
  • Key Largo (Spiegel Grove)
  • (Most Popular) Key Largo upgraded included
  • 2 Charters
  • Day 1 Peak Performance Buoyancy, Navigation, Drift
  • Day 2 Double dip Spiegel Grove for Deep and Wreck dives
  • Padi Advanced Open Water
  • Private
  • Night/ Photo/ Video
  • 3 charters
  • Private
  • Custom specialties
  • Specialties or Location Upgrade
  • Photography/ Video
  • Key Largo/ Jupiter

  • Includes camera to use/ and or video/ pictures of diver


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Advanced Open Water

For the Advanced Open Water courses I do not recommend using E-Learning as the cost is high and knowledge development is minimal.  

Advanced students must only complete 5 Knowledge Reviews for each associated dive they will be completing including deep and navigation dives which are required.  

Padi does offer an E-Learning version for the Advanced Open Water class; however I do not recommend this because students only need to complete the Knowledge Reviews for their 5 associated specialty dives and classroom materials are included. 

The Knowledge Reviews do not take long to complete and the extra $139 in this case is not worth it.  Typically Knowledge Reviews are completed in a short meeting just before the boat charter and the corresponding dives done immediately after.

Pricing starts at $499 for students diving in Fort Lauderdale and choosing from the included specialties.  Some specialties have extra costs for additional boat charters and or equipment needed.  These costs are noted above in the different course structures above.

Advanced divers are also required to have their own audio and visual surface signaling device as well as their own dive knife.  Divers can become Advanced Open Water certified in as little as 2 days.  

For more information about the locations and times of each charter please visit the Locations page.

For more information about the Advanced Open Water class pricing, scheduling or structure please visit the Prices page.

If you have any other questions  about the Advanced Open Water class or would like to make a reservation please visit the Contact Me page.

Advanced Dives Key Largo

For divers taking the Advanced Open Water class I usually recommend doing at least 1 day of the class in Key Largo.  Key Largo is home to both the USS Spiegel Grove and the USCGC Duane.  

These 2 dive sites make the extra costs and time well worth the trip ($150/ per day not per student).  Please view former student, Ralph Barber, enjoying his deep dive on the USS Spiegel Grove during his Advanced Open Water class in Key Largo.

These are 2 very large and very deep navy ship wrecks.  Not only are these my 2 of my favorite dive sites in south Florida but they are an absolute must see for any diver passionate about deep diving or wrecks.

Typically boat charters in Key Largo dive each wreck in a double dip format; simply moving from one mooring ball to another on the same wreck, with a 1 hour surface interval in between dives.

Below see the dive slates and maps outlining both wrecks. Both of these wrecks are so massive in size that divers can not see the entire ship in one dive.

Advanced open water Fort Lauderdale

The Advanced Open Water certification, unlike the Open Water, is all about actually going scuba diving.  Minimal or no time is spent in the classroom and most of the class is spent experiencing different kinds of diving.  

For advanced certification, student divers will complete a series of 5 Adventure dives and their corresponding Knowledge Reviews.  Divers must be already Open Water certified and minimum age for Advanced is 12 years old.