During guided dives, Paul often films using his GoPro Hero 4 sharing these video clips with students via  his Youtube channel.  

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Scuba Diving Fort Lauderdale Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need to get certified in order to go scuba diving in Fort Lauderdale?

The Discover Scuba Diving program allows prospective divers to try scuba diving out for the first time without the commitment of a scuba certification class.

After a short video of some safety basics and quick pool session to develop some essential skills, Discover Scuba Diving participants are ready to enjoy a dive trip to a local coral reef or shallow ship wreck. This experience may even be credited later towards the Open Water Diver certification.

  • How old do I have to be take a scuba diving class?

Diving in swimming pool or controlled environment up to 6 ft; children can begin as early as 8 years old.  Open Water certification starts at 10 years old.  

Divers taking the Open Water class ages 10-14 will earn a Junior Open Water certification with a shallower depth restriction of 40 ft and are required to have an adult dive buddy even after being certified.  Once the Junior diver reaches 15 years old they can request a new certification card

  • Is scuba diving in Fort Lauderdale safe?

Scuba diving is statistically safer than driving an automobile.  Most diving accidents occur due to conditions unrelated to diving or abandonment of safety procedures by a diver due to panic.  Following basic safety guidelines is easy.  

Simply do not hold your breath and on the way up go nice and slow.  As long as you can abide by these simple procedures there is very minimal risk to decompression sickness or more commonly known as the Bends.

I only dive with reputable boat charters, captains, and crews when scuba diving in Fort Lauderdale and Key Largo.  All charters are United States Coast Guard inspected vessels, carry emergency oxygen, radio equipment, and have life jackets on board.  

I  have a flawless safety record because of my excellent training, communication preparation, communication, and a strong emphasis on new diver safety.

  • How deep will I go during my scuba diving class?

Training will always begin in swimming pool or controlled environment 6-10 ft in depth.  Discover Scuba divers will have a 40 ft maximum depth restriction.  

During Open Water, divers will have a 60 ft maximum depth restriction and during Advance Open Water a maximum of 100 ft.  Divers looking to go even deeper can take the Deep Diver Specialty class for a maximum of 130 ft.

2 tank scuba diving charters in Fort Lauderdale typically dive a 60-70 ft wreck followed by a drift along a 30 ft natural coral reef.  Daily charters in Key Largo dive typically plan to dive either double shallow at 20-30 ft or double deep 80-130 ft.  

Shallow dives occur either on Molasses or French.  Deep dives occur either on the Spiegel Grove or the Duane in Key Largo.  Daily 1 tank charters from the snorkel boat go to a very shallow reef at 20 ft.

  • What will I see when I go scuba diving in Ft Lauderdale?

During the first dive, charters will visit 1 site of the Wreck Trek or Hog Heaven for about a 20-40 minute profile depending on air consumption.  Checkout the Open Water page for a video tour of the Wrek Trek.  

On the second dive, divers will drift along the reef as the boat follows and picks them up at the end of the dive for about 45 minutes to an hour of bottom time .  Trips depart daily at 08:30 am and return approximately 12:00 pm.  Please visit the Locations page for more details.

  • What will I see when I go scuba diving in Key Largo?

2 tank scuba diving charters in Key Largo are usually either double deep or double shallow.  Shallow trips will visit Molasses or French reefs while deep trips will visit either the Spiegel Grove or Duane ship wrecks.

  • What kind of marine life will I encounter when scuba diving in south Florida?

Divers will encounter all types of aquatic marine life while scuba diving in Fort Lauderdale.  Every new dive is new opportunity to see something different.  Turtles, rays, eels, dolphins, reef fish, nurse sharks, and more.

  • How much do scuba diving lessons cost in Fort Lauderdale?

Scuba diving classes and lessons cost on average between $500-$600 regardless of what dive shop or scuba instructor you choose in Fort Lauderdale.  Many dive shops offer scuba classes on set schedule each month and are taught in a group setting.  

The scuba diving classes that I offer have much more flexibility both in scheduling and pricing.  Please see the Prices page for more details about scuba diving classes in Fort Lauderdale.

  • What advantages are there to scuba diving in Key Largo and why does it cost more?

The marine life and visibility, on average, tends to be better and more abundant in Key Largo than Fort Lauderdale.  For any single day of scuba diving in Key Largo there is a $150/ day not per person additional charge.  

This charge covers the additional expenses associated with scuba diving there.  Additional expenses include more expensive charters, higher sales tax, fuel, and extra commuting time (90 minutes each way).  Key Largo offers 2 of the largest, deepest most impressive ship wrecks in South Florida.  

Home to the Spiegel Grove and Duane wrecks I usually recommend at least 1 day of an Advanced Open Water class take place in Key Largo.  I also offer this service for Open Water for students who prefer to scuba dive in Key Largo.

  • Where will scuba diving classes take place?

Classes for scuba diving can take place in a variety of locations including your own home, pool, or boat.  Usually each day of class is in a different location.  Visit the Locations page for exact addresses of each location or boat charter I use. 

When a diver registers for a class they will receive a clear and precise email confirmation.  This confirmation will include a full itinerary, invoice, address, directions to each location for each day scheduled, and any other necessary information about the scuba diving class.

  • Can I use my own home, pool, or boat during training for scuba diving certification?

Yes as long as certain requirements are met.  For example pool needs to be deep and large enough.  For students who want to use their own boat they must also provide a captain while we are in the water.  Please Contact Me if you have any additional questions.

  • How long does it take to earn a scuba diving certification like Open Water in Ft Lauderdale?

Open Water classes can be completed in as little as 2 days if students choose E-Learning for knowledge development.  Many students prefer traditional classroom style learning and Open Water can be completed in as little as 3 days with this option.

  • How long will my scuba diving certification last?

Any scuba diving certification like Open Water is valid for the life of the diver.  Any time a scuba diver has been away from the sport for more than 12 months it is usually required to take a refresher course.

  • What happens if I am not able to complete my training class?  Can I get a refund?

Divers who start a training class have 12 months from the start of the course to complete their training without losing credit for the parts they have completed.  

Students will receive a referral form if wishing to complete in another location with another instructor.  Partial refunds can be given depending on the circumstances for example an unused boat charter


As a Padi Master Scuba Diving Trainer, in Ft Lauderdale, Paul Louis #288355, offers a variety of scuba diving classes and lessons in Fort Lauderdale, Key Largo and surrounding South Florida areas.

Why choose Paul as your dive instructor when diving in Fort Lauderdale?

  •  All Inclusive And Affordable Pricing

  • Flexible Scheduling

  • Group Discounts

  • Children / Families

  • 1 on 1 Training Available

  • Flawless Safety Record

  • Dive Multiple Locations

  • Excellent Planning / Preparation

  • Patience / Excellent Communication

  • In Home Training Use Your Personal Pool / Boat 

Fort Lauderdale Scuba Lessons

Scuba diving lessons in Fort Lauderdale are offered year round. Students choose private or semi private lessons and whether to complete Knowledge Development either online, or in a traditional classroom setting.

Click on the scuba diving class or picture for specific details, different options and Price for each lesson offered.