Try before you buy

After earning your Open Water certification in Fort Lauderdale you will definitely want to start investing in your own scuba equipment.  Even though Learn Scuba With Paul is not your typical dive shop with a full retail store; rental equipment is always included in any scuba class you take.  

With the Try Before You Buy program the scuba diving equipment you use during your class or dive in Fort Lauderdale can immediately become yours to own.  Everything from mask, fins, & snorkel to BCD (Buoyancy Compensator Device), regulators, dive computers, and gauges are available for purchase.  

If you would like a model or brand that we don't have we can order whatever you need.  I also have older models of used scuba equipment available for purchase.  

Just like with scuba training I am flexible and accommodating to whatever you need when it comes to your equipment in Fort Lauderdale.  I can also take you to any of my partner dive shops and assist you with fitting and purchasing any brand of equipment you prefer.

Mask Fins and Snorkel

Most dive shops in Fort Lauderdale require you to own your own mask, fins, and snorkel.  I highly recommend purchasing these once you are certified if you haven't already as they are of truly personal nature.  

For the mask, the fit is the most important.  It should be able to seal around your face simply by inhaling through the nose without the strap attached.  A poor fitting mask can cause leaks and really ruin a dive.  Don't want to travel with your gear or just don't have any?  

No worries,  I have plenty of extras and as always full scuba equipment rental is included with every class, even mask, fins, and snorkel.

BCD's Buoyancy Compensators

All of my BCD's are weight integrated and serviced regularly.  I no longer teach students using weight belts as they are out dated and typically uncomfortable to wear during the dive.  

I carry sizes XS-XL and if you like the one you use during your training just remember it can become yours permanently with the Try Before You Buy program.  I also have older used BCD's available for purchase as well.

Dive Regulators

The most important feature of the regulator is ease of breathing.  Regulators are rinsed with fresh water after each use and serviced twice a year; mouthpieces are sterilized with bleach after each rental..  

Your regulator as well as the rest of your rental scuba equipment will remain in your own personal designated gear bag through the duration of your diving with me.  Remember your rental regulator too can be yours permanently with the Try Before You Buy Program.

Diver Wetsuits

Wetsuits keep you warm by sealing a layer of water between you and your wetsuit so its important you have a good fit to create seals around the ankles and wrists.  A loose fitting wetsuit defeats the entire purpose of wearing one.  

Your body will heat this contained water and in return it will keep warm throughout the dive.  You can go scuba diving pretty much all year round in Fort Lauderdale. Water temperatures range from 72-85 degrees Fahrenheit.  

Personally and for rentals as well I use 2 piece 3mm suits.  In the warmer months I use no suit at all or only a 3mm long sleeve shorty.  In the colder months I add a 3mm long john underneath to create a full 3mm suit and stay warm throughout all the excitement.

Scuba Equipment Service

Basic service is required to maintain your scuba equipment.  You should always wash down all your scuba gear with fresh water after each use.  

In addition to this yearly service is required by a certified technician to replace worn out parts, seals, and to make sure all parts are in proper working order.  All of the rental gear I use is serviced twice a year since it does see so much use.  

With all the connections I have the industry I can have any brand of gear serviced by qualified technicians and can even take care of pick up and drop off upon request.  Please call for pricing and more information about this service.

Scuba Tank Air Fills

You should only have your tanks filled by a qualified professional from a reputable source.  Regular air fills are $7 and rentals are $10 per tank.  Nitrox fills are $12 and rentals $15 per tank.  Pick up and drop is available upon request.  Please call for more information about this service.

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Dive Like A Professional

Buying scuba diving equipment in many ways is similar to buying a car.  With so many options to choose from and a wide range of pricing its easy to end  up paying for unnecessary features, overpaying, or even winding up with a lemon. 

In my years of experience as a diver and a consumer and I have reached the conclusion that ScubaPro consistently makes the highest quality of scuba diving equipment.  

Year after year other manufacturers keep changing designs and releasing new products without the diver in mind.  ScubaPro design and models remain consistent simply because they are durable, long lasting, effective, and most importantly designed with the diver in mind.  

I am not a ScubaPro authorized dealer or in any way endorsed or affiliated with ScubaPro.  Here is the equipment that I personally own and use on a daily basis for both training and pleasure scuba diving in Fort Lauderdale:

  • BCD - ScubaPro Knighthawk With Air 2 $740
  • Regulator - ScubaPro MK25-G260 $679
  • Gauges - ScubaPro 3 Gauge Console $299
  • Computer - ScubaPro Aladin 2 Wrist $469

This is the Mercedes Benz package of scuba diving equipment.  I recommend this package to any serious diver capable of making the investment.  There is certainly more expensive equipment, but weighing factors of quality, function, durability, comfort, and cost; this gear package offers the best overall value on your investment

Dive Shop fort lauderdale

Different from a typical dive shop in Fort Lauderdale, Learn Scuba With Paul does not have a physical retail location.  We do however have brand new and used scuba diving equipment for sale, even if you are not going diving or taking a course in Fort Lauderdale.

Please see Locations page for a full list of boat charters, pools, and classroom locations that are used during training depending on course structure selected.

Many dive shops in Ft Lauderdale require students to provide their own mask, fins, and snorkel.  All equipment including mask, fins, and snorkel are provided when taking any scuba diving Class or lesson at Learn Scuba With Paul.  Superior experience to any dive shop in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Shop Dive equipment

Shopping for new scuba diving equipment can be challenging and
intimidating especially to new divers.  Who better to assist you with 
purchasing your new equipment than your open water instructor?

For this very reason, Divers Supply offers a 10-20% discount on most of their products listed on their site when purchasing directly through an independent instructor like myself.  

An additional 10% off applies when purchasing equipment directly from the rental gear supply with the Try Before You Buy Program.  Click on link above to browse the scuba diving equipment and then contact me directly to place your order.

Scuba equipment Rental

Full scuba rental equipment is always included with any class and includes: mask, fins, snorkel, bcd, regulator, 3 gauge console with dive computer and compass.  All of the rental equipment is brand new or like new and is also available for purchase.   

If not participating in a class you can rent the same full set of gear for $40/ day.  A deposit is required.  I keep full sets of this equipment on hand sizes XS-XL.  Here is the standard rental gear used by my scuba divers: 

  • BCD -  SubGear Drift $399
  • Regulator - SubGear SG-10 $299
  • Octopus - SubGear SG-10 $129
  • 3 Gauge Console - SubGear XP-10 $439

This is the highest quality and most affordable new diver package

in my professional opinion. This is what I recommend new divers

purchase for their first set of scuba diving gear.  It's also why I have

replaced my entire line of rental gear with this same equipment.