Payment policies and procedures


In order to make a reservation for a scuba diving class, lesson, guide, or dive I do require a deposit or payment in full.  First student to deposit or pay in full will get the date/s requested.  Please visit the Calendar page for my full schedule of ongoing scuba classes and availability.

For diver certification courses like PADI Open Water or Advanced Open Water the required deposit is $106 including sales tax.  Balance is then due on the first day of the course.  When choosing E-learning courses, the e-learning portion ($169) is also due in advance.

Confirmation email

Once a reservation has been made and deposit has been received, student divers will receive a full confirmation email.  This confirmation email will include all information pertaining to the class that has been scheduled including itinerary, liability releases, addresses/ directions for each day of the course, and invoice.  

E-Learning student divers will also receive an access code in addition to an email directly from PADI inviting to register and begin their training.  The registration process is much easier using the link/ email directly from PADI.

E-Learning students

When purchasing an E-Learning course I will need each student's: First Name,Middle Initial, Last Name, Date of Birth and Email Address in order to register and assign their specific access code.  Also since they will not be visiting the gear room (at classroom location),  I will need approximate size info for any rental Equipment needed for each student including: height, weight, t-shirt and shoe size.

gift certificates

Purchasing a dive class or lesson for someone else?  In this case payment in full is required in order to make the reservation.  Gift certificates will be issued upon request with the student diver's name and course details via email.

canceled reservations

All trips are weather permitting. Trips cancelled due to weather will be refunded in full or rescheduled at a later available date.

Full refunds on payments or deposits when canceling a reservation at least 72 hours prior to the scheduled reservation.  No show or cancellations same day will be charged $75 fee.

methods of payment accepted

Cash/ Check

All Major Credit Cards



For credit card deposits or payments I will need: Card number, Expiration date, Security code, and Billing zip code.

I use Square to process credit card transactions.  Deposit or payment can be made directly on the storefront of Square's marketplace.  The link is below:


Make checks payable to Paul Louis.  Mailing address: Learn Scuba With Paul 2881 N Oakland Forest Dr #306 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309.

For Paypal deposits or payments please send to: paul@learnscubawithpaul.com.

Please Contact Me with any questions regarding payment or to make a reservation.

To make your deposit of $106 including tax via Bitcoin use the button below:

Square payments
paypal payment